The Grand Mediterranean

Embark on a luxurious Mediterranean odyssey where each port of call promises a beguiling blend of rich history, stunning views, and cultural wonders. From the cerulean waters of the Atlantic to the enchanting shores and charming towns of the Adriatic, discover the allure of coastal gems steeped in tradition and beauty.

Map of Grand Mediterranean RegionMap of Grand Mediterranean Region


Disembark and step into an Eden sculpted by fire.


Step ashore at the foot of a towering rock, where history whispers from ancient walls and modern life thrives in its shadow.


Málaga basks under the Andalusian sun, offering a remarkable blend of history, art, and beachside bliss.


Menorca, the hidden gem of the Balearics, enchants with its laid-back charm.

La Joliette

La Joliette, Marseille's revitalized oasis, beckons with maritime charm.


Saint-Tropez: Where jet-set glamour meets Riviera charm.

Isola di Ponza

Bathed in the Tyrrhenian sun, Isola di Ponza offers a secluded escape unlike any other.

Trapani, Sicily

Steeped in history and kissed by the Mediterranean sun, Sicily is a captivating blend of ancient charm and modern vitality.


Nestled in the cliffs of Gozo, Xlendi is a captivating blend of natural beauty and historical intrigue.


Rising from the azure waters of Grand Harbour, Valletta stands out as a striking citadel city, overflowing with charm.


Tivat shimmers where Adriatic waters meet lush mountains.


In this Croatian fairytale, pastel houses line a verdant peninsula, embracing a romantic, vertical masterpiece.

Otok Brac

Otok Brac is a true haven cradled between lush hills and the sparkling Adriatic.


Dubrovnik, the jewel of the Adriatic coast, dazzles with its ancient walls and captivating charm.

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The Four Seasons Yachts Difference

view of Gozo, Malta

Enclaves of Elegance

Our yacht moors in the most privileged of harbours, where serenity is the watchword and awe is the standard. We chart courses through scenic berths, from the promontories of Gibraltar, the grand entrance to the Mediterranean, to the most dashing yachting rivieras.

Elegant Cuisine.

A Gastronomic Grand Tour

Let the land and sea guide your anticipation, from its ancient orchards to the innovative chefs crafting tomorrow's culinary trends. We redefine yacht dining with world-class menus and expertly curated flavors of local ingredients and internationally inspired flavors

Woman in spa.

Days of Maritime Majesty

Idle hours are tailored to tease out your inner explorer or philosopher. Whether it's basking on the pool deck or exploring the spa, our yacht is your gateway to experiencing destinations in a new way, bridging the magnetism of the Med with the intrepid spirit of the Atlantic.

Cliffside view of Trapani province

Tailored Shoreside Discoveries

Tap into the essence of the most celebrated locales, from the glitzy shores of St Tropez to the historical heart of Trapani in Western Sicily. Our on-shore experiences are your keys to exclusive encounters, where each destination reveals its secrets to those who seek the sensational.

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Featured Stories To Inspire Your Journey

Within the pages of these stories, the genuine passion of our yachting endeavor comes to life, unveiling the meticulous consideration woven into every aspect, from design and itineraries to the overall experiences and beyond. Whether you are in the reflective stage, have confirmed your sailing, or are on the verge of embarking on your journey, these narratives beckon.