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Different by Design

Four Seasons Yachts revives the art of maritime splendour with our signature touch. Our yacht, a fusion of cutting-edge design and personalized service, ventures beyond the horizon to unveil untold tales and unseen vistas. In the spirit of discovery, we invite you to an unrivaled experience at sea created with genuine heart and calibrated towards the extraordinary.


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Our Story

In a League of Its Own

Anchored in the legacy of Four Seasons founder, Isadore Sharp, Four Seasons Yachts sets sail with a commitment to genuine hospitality at its core: the Golden Rule. This groundbreaking venture brings together a remarkable alliance to carry the Four Seasons spirit seaward. Drawing inspiration from the bygone era of yachting, our yacht curates a richness of experience that speaks to both the soul and the senses.  

Four Seasons Yachts serves as a tribute to the artisans of leisure that precede us, honouring past epochs of luxury and a select society of mariners. The legendary Four Seasons touch, renowned in 126 properties across the globe, now extends across the sea's vast canvas. Our enduring dedication to service, unscripted and guided by the heart, resonates through every interaction, transforming each voyage into a journey that exceeds the anticipated.

Yacht at sea

Our Values


Aboard Four Seasons Yachts, every traveller becomes the master architect of their maritime epic, crafting a saga from the boundless narratives that emerge at the confluence of luxury, authenticity, and discovery.

Bow of the yacht

Luxury, Uncharted

Four Seasons Yachts is setting sail into a new era of exclusivity as purveyors of the sublime. Our purpose-built yacht—an architectural masterpiece of line, curve, and form—heralds a tradition of groundbreaking innovation, from the regal ascent of a four-story all-glass funnel to an expansive transverse marina. Onboard, discover a collection of amenities crafted to astonish, alongside a suite of gourmet dining options and opulent wellness retreats designed to provide a haven from the terrestrial bustle. For our younger adventurers, custom-tailored programmes illuminate the marvels of the marine world, guiding them on a voyage of awe and enlightenment.

Pool deck

Sanctuaries at Sea

At the point where the sea embraces the sky, our yacht stands as pioneering navigators of space, crafting environments that bend to the slightest whims and desires. The yacht will offer 50 per cent more living space per guest than currently available in an all-suite nautical setting, with the most expansive entry-level suites beginning at 581 square feet of combined indoor and outdoor living space.  Within these transformative suites, guests are invited to sculpt their personal sanctuaries amidst the waves, domains where solitude and companionship coexist in perfect harmony. 

Bow of the yacht

Visionary Craftsmanship

Experience a renaissance of maritime splendour for the modern era, where eco-friendly innovations lead the way. The incorporation of advanced safety and environmental technologies, including forward-scanning sonar and cutting-edge fire safety systems, establishes a new benchmark in maritime safety and environmental stewardship. With the combined expertise of Marc-Henry Cruise Holdings and the esteemed shipbuilders Fincantieri, alongside the legendary service ethos of Four Seasons, our course is steadfast and pioneering, leading to encounters with magnificence that redefine the very essence of luxury at sea.

The yacht

Extraordinary, Unscripted Moments

Aboard a Four Seasons Yacht, our guests are not simply travellers but cartographers of the intangible, charting maps of moments that transcend the ordinary. With a commitment to personalized service and a one-to-one guest-to-employee ratio that surpasses industry standards, we offer an intimate curation of service and splendour, a tribute to the art of the exceptional. The waters we navigate are brimming with the potential for profound connections, the kind that can only be inspired by the artistry of bespoke luxury.

Aerial view of people snorkeling

Exploring the Essential and the Ethereal

The sacred textures of terra firma and the ocean's majestic grace unite aboard Four Seasons Yachts. Our itineraries, meticulously shaped by our connoisseurs of authenticity, reinterpret the charm of renowned yachting destinations—from sun-drenched rivieras to regal harbours—through a distinguished lens, inviting you on a journey that transforms the legendary into the sensational. A seamless integration with Four Seasons ensures a continuous thread of luxury throughout your experience.