The Lesser Antilles

Secluded beaches and pastel ports await in the Caribbean, where culture-rich capitals, hidden coves, and dense archipelagos provide the ultimate yachting playground. With its year-round sunshine and blue skies, calm waters, and abundance of lagoon-like marinas, the Caribbean is a tropical dream come true.

Map of the CaribbeanMap of the Caribbean


Home to one of the best culinary scenes in the Caribbean, Antigua is an epicure’s delight.


With its rosy shores, sepia-toned deserts, and pastel-hued colonial towns, Aruba is a kaleidoscope of colour, culture, and natural beauty.


Speightstown, Barbados is your gateway to some of the Caribbean’s most iconic yachting locales on this journey.


Your visit to this enchanting isle begins with a one-of-a-kind arrival via Curaçao’s floating bridge—an engineering marvel few visitors get to experience up close.


Terre-de-Haut is one of the largest islands that make up the Les Saints archipelago, and Bourg Town is its glittering heart.


Sail to Fort-de-France—Martinique's radiant heart. This lively port is a collage of Creole heritage, French history, and tropical wonders.

Le Marin

Navigate to Le Marin, where Martinique's spirit is on display in vivid colours.

Pointe du Bout

Pointe du Bout in Martinique offers a unique blend of chic sophistication and wild beauty.


The smaller, quieter, and more exclusive sister isle to popular St Kitts, Nevis brims with charming villages, secluded beaches, and rich history.

St Lucia

The captain will sail to Rodney Bay at St Lucia’s northern tip as the sun sets into the sparkling Caribbean Sea.

Sint Maarten

Dive into Sint Maarten’s rich Dutch heritage and easygoing Caribbean atmosphere during your journey.

St Barths

St Barths is one of the Caribbean’s top yachting destinations, and laidback Gustavia is your gateway to its many wonders.

St Lucia

St Lucia checks all the boxes for a literal tropical paradise—dense emerald forests, awe-inspiring beaches, and majestic mountains.

The Grenadines

You’ll drop anchor just off the sun-kissed shores of Princess Margaret Beach during your visit to Bequia, the largest and most spectacular of the Grenadines.

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The Four Seasons Yachts Difference

Aerial view of a Guadeloupe bay

World’s Most Exclusive Harbours

Discernment dictates our choice of ports. We dock where the waters are still and the crowds thin out, giving you an exclusive introduction to the Caribbean's hidden gems: spots that are hushed, lush, and ripe with authentic local flavours. Our journeys are bespoke, crafted not for the multitude but for the inquisitive few with an appetite for the waves less sailed. 

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Bespoke Shoreside Excursions & Private Arrangements 

Customize your voyage with bespoke experiences on land, like a stunning private dinner shoreside or an extended stay with Four Seasons at the beginning or end of your journey.  

Chef preparing a meal

Dining at Culinary Crossroads

Cheers to a dining scene that salutes the spirit of the Caribbean. On deck, meals are served up as crafted experiences; a global gathering plated up right before you. You’ll find that, here, it’s less about the eating, and more about the meeting—of spices, stories, and seafarers, all converging where your glass clinks and your fork dives in. 

Man in a kayak

Dedicated Marina Days in Select Itineraries

Our anchor drops where the extraordinary calls home, and at marinas that double as portals to the Caribbean's very essence. On this expedition, the ocean becomes your select promenade, each mooring a special event, and the horizon? Merely your initiation. Amidst the grandeur of St. Lucia's majestic Pitons, the yacht is your ticket to an exclusive tale told by only a handful. 

Our Stories

Featured Stories To Inspire Your Journey

Within the pages of these stories, the genuine passion of our yachting endeavor comes to life, unveiling the meticulous consideration woven into every aspect, from design and itineraries to the overall experiences and beyond. Whether you are in the reflective stage, have confirmed your sailing, or are on the verge of embarking on your journey, these narratives beckon.