The Rivieras

Embark on a voyage along the Rivieras, where the French appeal, Italian charm, and Spanish vibrancy come together against a backdrop of stunning beaches and awe-inspiring mountains. Step into a world of ancient heritage, gastronomic delights, and refined luxury, with summer days soaked in dolce far niente and evenings sparkling with Mediterranean glamour.

Map of Rivieras Map of Rivieras

Monte Carlo

Though often referred to as a city in itself, Monte Carlo is actually a district within Monaco famed for its multi-generational opulence.


Portovenere is a beguiling cliffside Mediterranean village and a UNESCO treasure trove.

Porto Cervo, Sardinia

Awash in Sardinian sunshine, Porto Cervo is the island’s pride and joy.


Fréjus unveils an entrancing blend of ancient civilization and coastal character in the heart of the French Riviera.


Saint-Tropez: Where jet-set glamour meets Riviera charm.


Port-Vendres calls with its renowned harbour and storied maritime legacy.

Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca, a cinematic stop in the Balearic Islands, is surely a marvellous sight to behold.

Ciutadella de Menorca

Step into a realm of serene beauty in Ciutadella, located on the sun-drenched Balearic island of Menorca.


Cassis, a delightful fishing village cradled by the rugged cliffs of Provence, unfolds a timeless tapestry of Provençal life.


Saint-Raphaël invites exploration with its Mediterranean authenticity and scenic coastal vistas.


Overflowing with glamour and cinematic prestige, Cannes is the French Riviera's “joie de vivre” come to life.


A true pearl of the Italian Riviera, Portofino embodies la dolce vita in the truest fashion.

Bonifacio, Corsica

Bonifacio, a dramatic clifftop citadel guarding the southernmost tip of Corsica, exudes a spellbinding aura.

Isola di Ponza

Bathed in the Tyrrhenian sun, Isola di Ponza offers a secluded escape unlike any other.


The timeless magnetism of Amalfi is known the world over.


Ascend to Positano, a vertical paradise clinging to the Amalfi Coast.


Nestled in the cliffs of Gozo, Xlendi is a captivating blend of natural beauty and historical intrigue.


Rising from the azure waters of Grand Harbour, Valletta stands out as a striking citadel city, overflowing with charm.

Taormina, Sicily

Uncover Taormina, a Sicilian marvel set upon a dramatic precipice that plunges towards the Ionian Sea.


Begin your Capri adventure at Marina Grande, the friendly heart of this island paradise.

Marina Day, Monte Argentario

Enjoy a halcyon day at the marina in the mesmerizing waters of Monte Argentario, Italy.


The French Riviera's secret treasure, Beaulieu-sur-Mer comes to view between Nice and Monaco.


Nice—the crown jewel of the French Riviera—is a sun-kissed canvas of terracotta rooftops, complemented by the well-known crescent-shaped bay and sparkling waters.


Admire the seaside charm of Viareggio, a Tuscan treasure located on the sparkling Versilian coast.


Uncork the splendour of Bandol, a majestic haven cradled on the southern French Riviera.


From the moment it comes into view, Porto Santo Stefano boasts definitive Tuscan charm.

L'Île-Rousse, Corsica

Fall in love with L'Île-Rousse, a dazzling gem on the rugged shores of Corsica.


Unveiling the essence of the Riviera, Mandelieu-la-Napoule awaits between Cannes and Théoule-sur-Mer.


Sète resides in the spellbinding Languedoc-Roussillon region, home to several cultural treasures like the Pont du Gard, a UNESCO-listed Roman aqueduct.


Your first taste of Spain is through Valencia, a city where tradition and modern energy meet.


Cartagena, brimming with heritage and sunshine.

Puerto Banús

Embodying Mediterranean luxury, Puerto Banús dazzles as the sophisticated heart of Marbella.


Málaga basks under the Andalusian sun, offering a remarkable blend of history, art, and beachside bliss.

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The Four Seasons Yachts Difference

Scenic View Of Calanque And The Mediterranean Sea.

Marina Days for Sun, Sea and Sights

Experience marina days like never before, a highlight of Four Seasons Yachts voyages through Europe’s most captivating rivieras. Each journey brings you to breathtaking bays and picturesque shorelines at every turn. In a secluded Côte d'Azur cove, you'll find an azure idyll where crystal waters and lush hillsides look plucked from a postcard. Be spellbound by the rugged beauty of the Ligurian coast, where timeless charm and breathtaking vistas are never far away.

Women grabbing lavender at a french market.

Riviera Village Markets and Culinary Gold

From lively village markets where local producers proudly peddle their finest to the charming streets of Provençal villages, where the aroma of freshly baked focaccia sings like a siren song. And let's not forget the timeless family legacies, where generations of artisans have elevated the Riviera's bounty into edible masterpieces. With our expert hosts as your guides, you'll savour the flavours of the land like a true insider, immersing yourself in the authentic culture and culinary traditions of this epicurean paradise.

Exploring Côte d'Azur after staying at Cap-Ferrat.

Experience Cosmopolitan Culture

From access to world-renowned museums and galleries to intimate encounters with local artisans, our curated experiences unlock the region's fascinating heritage. Attend a concert where ancient stones reverberate with modern melodies, or uncover the secrets of Grasse, the fragrant heart of perfumery. With Four Seasons Yachts as your savant guide, the Riviera's cultural riches are yours to behold. Stay ashore and explore iconic ports at leisure, forging connections with the locals. Return on board when wanderlust beckons once more.

Taormina Four Seasons Hotel pool.

Enchanting Riviera Hideaways

The Riviera, where understatement is an art form, finds its true maestros in the Four Seasons. Drift into a Ligurian fishing village, where authenticity lingers like the scent of the day's catch. Or lose yourself in Corsica's pastel-hued reverie, where gracious hosts await to indulge your every whim. Here, the impeccable service of Four Seasons Yachts elevates the experience to heights that would leave even the most discerning bon vivant thoroughly charmed.

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